Dropz Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassador Program

If you exemplify PLUR, love raves / circuit parties, and embrace social media, become one of our first Brand Ambassadors today!

What do you get as a Dropz Brand Ambassador?

  1. A huge 40% discount on our flagship product—the All-In-One Festival Earplugs Kit!
  2. Exclusive early access and discounts to future products
  3. Exclusive access to Ambassador Contests featuring cash and ticket giveaways

What does a Dropz Brand Ambassador do?

  1. Promote the Dropz brand: Spread the word about Dropz by creating at least 2 promotional posts and 2 promotional stories on Instagram with the Dropz hashtags:
    • #dropzgear
    • #dropzearplugs
    • #raveaccessories
    • #festivalaccessories
    Emphasize the effectiveness of the earplugs, especially the concert earplugs. The concert earplugs are the heavy hitters of the set! They reduce volume without compromising fidelity and they are super comfy :-) We would also love it if you highlighted the value of the entire kit. For what other brands charge for the concert earplugs alone, you get 2 additional types of earplugs PLUS a carrying canister, bandana, and wipes. We packed the kit with value and would love others to spread the word!
  2. Spread PLUR: Keep your brand posts positive. Please do not say derogatory things about competing products. We'd prefer you focus on what you like about what we're offering.
  3. Share your insights: Give your feedback and ideas to the Dropz Staff to help us grow, and tell us how your posts and stories were received by your audience.

Ideally, we'd love to get Ambassadors who have a story of PLUR we can feature! Did your rave fam do something amazingly thoughtful for you at a festival? Did a stranger go above and beyond for you? We want to know your story!

Before you apply, please make sure you agree to our Brand Ambassador Terms of Service.

Ready to spread PLUR? Start your application to become our Brand Ambassador now!

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